Small town Vrbnik on the island of Krk is well known for wine production. In the hinterland of Vrbnik, on Vrbnik’s fields, the grape type called žlahtina is made into white wine, sparkling wine, and distillates. Žlahtina from Vrbnik is special because it is grown only in Vrbnik’s fields.

Champagne bottles’ experiment

The story about Valomet begins in 2006. when agricultural cooperative Vrbnik started to make an experiment with champagne bottles. They lowered them on the sea bottom, 30m deep. That depth has 12°C temperature which is good for champagne maturation.valomet otok krk vrbnik

The sea depth offers silence, lack of light and higher pressure than in the cellar. After ten years the bottles were pulled out and results were above all expectations. The champagne from the bottom of the sea tasted better than the one from the cellar.

The unique was of champagne maturation

This method of champagne maturation on the sea bottom is unique in the world. Apart from maturation way and quality, Valomet is also special for it’s bottle design. During the time spent underwater, the bottle gets algae, coral and seashells formations. On each bottle, they place handmade tag which says “champagne Valomet PZ Vrbnik”.

The champagne Valomet got a lot of awards and recognition for quality but also for bottle design. The price of this unique product is not for everyone. It can be bought only in an agricultural cooperative in Vrbnik at the price of 1420 kn. The champagne Valomet matured in the cellar can also be bought at a price of 100 kn.

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