Nature is, after all, the only book that offers important content on every page.

– Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


My second favourite thing to do is to explore. (First one is to create.) I enjoy exploring, online and offline. I’ve spent last ten years working in a marketing department in few tourist agencies. My favourite part of the job was researching the places and destinations that aren’t that popular but for some reason are special because of their historical or geographical characteristics.

So, how this all started?

I’ve been working on the content for the company website and I discovered interesting facts and places while researching. Unfortunately, there was no time for me to write about this. There were more important tasks for me to do.

So I decided to share these discoveries with online population. My mind can’t wait to release these thoughts and introduce you to beautiful places I found in Croatia.

Dragon’s treasure

It was hard to pick the name for this collection of articles about Croatia. After my mind became blank, I just closed my eyes and saw the map of Croatia. It looks like a bird or a dragon. So, I thought to myself, if I’m writing about interesting, hidden and special places in Croatia, that sounds like the treasure chest. And dragons guard treasures.

In this blog, you will read about places that you may have visited but didn’t know that they hide interesting stories and legends. You will discover the location of Dragon’s eye, small hidden parts of popular destinations, stories and legends, tips on spending an active vacation and much more.


Find yourself a comfy chair, grab a coffee and read on…